Kristine and Douglas Tompkins

Conservacion Patagonica—Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

We encourage individuals who are interested in taking part in the hands-on work of conservation to volunteer with us. We are grateful for the many friends who want to work with us, and aim to put as many willing hands to use as possible! At the moment, the only formal volunteer program we have is at the Patagonia National Park project.

Conservacion Patagonica’s volunteer program offers a rugged, meaningful backcountry experience for those interested in helping out with hands-on conservation work. Volunteers spend three weeks camping out in the park, working on challenging tasks such as building trails, removing fences, controlling invasive plant species and collecting native seeds. For more information and to apply online, please visit the Conservacion Patagonica website.

If you are interested in getting involved with another area of our work, please send an email with your skills and interests (preferably with a resume included) to info@theconservationlandtrust.org. We from time to time can find specific volunteer projects for qualified individuals.


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