A Salute to the Remarkable Life
of Douglas Tompkins

On January 31st, 2016, over 1,000 people came to pay tribute to Douglas Tompkins’ Wild Legacy. Held at the Herbst Pavilion at Fort Mason in San Francisco, the day was filled with incredible photo displays, films, and speeches of Doug’s journey and work. Visitors from around the country and the globe came to salute his incredible life. Photographer Michelle Pattee captured the day’s events, which are now posted to a free online gallery. We welcome you to browse the gallery and download photos, enjoy video footage of the afternoon’s many speeches, and view the photo slideshows presented at the event.

Tribute Video
Photo Gallery

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Here you can watch the slideshows that were on display at the memorial event, each one highlighting an aspect of Doug's life and philosophy.


Espirit Slideshow

Adventurer Slideshow

Architecture Slideshow

Agriculture Slideshow


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Q: I couldn't attend the event, are there other ways I can pay tribute?
A: For those who would like to contribute to the completion of Doug’s life work, we are accepting donations in his name. Please use the links below to contribute to these landmark efforts.

Donate to the Douglas R. Tompkins Wild Legacy Fund of the Marin Community Foundation
Donate to Conservacion Patagonica
Donate to The Conservation Land Trust

Q: Will there be tributes in other locations?
A: Yes, other tributes to Doug are in progress around the world.

Feb 10, 2016: BIOFACH Conference, Nuremburg, Germany
The tribute will take place during the opening ceremony

2016: London, date TBD


Doug Tompkins—one of the most ambitious and successful conservationists in history, worked for a quarter century to create and expand national parks in Chile and Argentina, recover imperiled wildlife, demonstrate organic agricultural practices, promote healthy local communities, and support leading-edge activism. Under the continuing leadership of his wife Kristine McDivitt Tompkins, these pioneering efforts continue through the Tompkins Conservation umbrella of nonprofit organizations and through the support of other like-minded organizations.

For those who wish to support this innovative work to protect wild places and creatures in Patagonia and beyond, we welcome your contribution to this fund.


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