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Kristine and Douglas Tompkins

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Please join us. To continue and expand this work—which we believe is critical for wild place, wild animals, and generations to come—we need your help. Since the beginning, we’ve had valuable assistance from friends from around the world: financial support from many dedicated funders, advice from experts in everything from blueberry cultivation to jaguar captive breeding, and helping hands from volunteers. Looking forward, we hope that more and more people will participate in the diverse programs we’ve started, taking them forward in new directions to tackle new challenges.

The family of projects we’re calling “Tompkins Conservation” rely on many people besides us to flourish. Much of our funding comes from outside sources—please considering donating as, like all conservation and environmental initiatives, our work depends on financial support. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and other ways to get involved, if you are interested.

To us, getting involved in the environmental and conservation movements means more than just donating money or time: it also requires educating yourself to be a better advocate for your cause. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a reading list and collection of links to other worthy projects and organizations. Please explore, learn, and send suggestions!


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