Fundo Vodudahue

3,710 acres/1,502 hectares; acquired 1994–1999
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Lakes Region, Chile

Nestled in the dramatic Vodudahue Valley beneath enormous granite cliffs, Vodudahue farm and the surrounding region have garnered the moniker of the “Yosemite Valley of Chile.” Since 1998, Vodudahue has served as a native species tree nursery that collects seeds from the surrounding forest, then germinates and nurtures young trees for use in regional reforestation efforts.

Beginning in the 17th century, Jesuit missionaries crossed over the Andes by traversing Vodudahue valley. Since that time, centuries of human settlement put the land in rough shape. Healing the scars of the settlers’ shortsighted practices required years of work. Restoration efforts included rebuilding soil health, restoring native grasslands, and rehabilitating farm buildings to provide a comfortable and functional infrastructure.

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