Fundo Río Gonzalo

398 acres/161 hectares; acquired in 1994
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Lakes Region, Chile

We purchased Campo Río Gonzalo to establish a model of farm restoration and a public campground for visitors to Pumalín Park. Located in the Caleta Conzalo area, the farm sits in front of the ferry ramp that delivers and dispatches visitors heading both north and south on the Carretera Austral. This farm is a fine example of small subsistence farming typical to this region of Chile. The organic produce, berries, honey and sheep that are raised on the property are used in the café/restaurant at the Pumalín Park entrance.

During the summertime, the campground at Río Gonzalo is abuzz with visitors from around the world. These visitors, mostly young people and often students on summer trips, get a chance to hike trails, and experience directly the marvels of temperate rainforests. Some visitors are even drawn right back to the farm’s center, curious to learn about the organic farming practices being implemented in the delicious food they eat in the park!

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