Fundo Río El Amarillo

1063 acres/430 hectares; acquired in 2002
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Lakes Region, Chile

This farm was among the most severely degraded of any of the restoration projects in the region. Heavily damaged by previous forestry and livestock abuses, Fundo Río El Amarillo required substantial investments of time and money to return the land to health. Five years after purchase, the farm has been reborn as a stunning piece of property in a wonderful location, deserving of many more years of care and respect.

El Amarillo Town Renewal

After the eruption of the Chaitén Volcano, the nearby town of Chaitén, which had served as a visitor center for the southern portion of Pumalín Park, was largely shut down due to large amounts of volcanic ash. The small town of El Amarillo was a natural choice for a replacement location for the visitor center: near the southern entrance of the park, and featuring stunning views of the Michimahuida Volcano and the Tabiques Mountains. The Pumalín Project has been collaborating with local residents to spruce up the town, construct new visitor infrastructure, and ready the local community for the opportunities afforded by the influx of tourism in the region. Read more about the renewal of El Amarillo here.

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