Fundo Rincón Bonito

526 acres/213 hectares; acquired in 1999
Project of The Conservation Land Trust
Lakes Region, Chile
Sold in 2013

Tucked away in the mountains of Pumalín Park, the Rincón Bonito farm is one of the most remote properties in the region. Situated in a back valley on the banks of the Ventisquero River, this small 526-acre farm has no road or sea access, and the nearest village is eight hours away on horseback. Rincón Bonito serves as an informal ranger station for this distant region of Pumalín Park, deterring timber poaching and watching for forest fires.

When it was purchased in 1999, the valley of Rincón Bonito required a huge restoration effort in order to live up to its name, which means “Beautiful Corner.” A team of farmers restored the fields, planted flowers and fruit orchards, and cultivated a vegetable garden. A small farmhouse was built using local materials, providing comfortable living quarters for farm residents. Due to its geographic isolation, the farm is powered mainly by animal traction and human labor. Close to both the Pumalín Park and Hornopirén National Park, this farm remains 45% protected forest.

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