Fundo Reñihué

1,749 acres/708 hectares; acquired in 1991
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Lakes Region, Chile

Nestled between the Negro and Reñihué rivers in the Reñihué fjord of south Chile, Reñihué farm was the first agricultural project Doug took on in South America. Reñihué borders Pumalín Park, and on a clear day the farm enjoys spectacular views of the 7,887-foot, snow-capped Michimahuida Volcano, the centerpiece of the park.

When purchased in 1991, the property was in need of extensive landscape restoration. Over the years, the fields and surrounding ecosystems were revitalized. Two organic gardens and three woodstove-heated greenhouses provide fresh vegetables for farm residents and guests. Hundreds of sheep and cattle grazing on restored pastures produce wool and meat for market. Much of the farm’s acreage remains intact Valdivian rainforest, providing safe haven for a wide variety of bird and animal species. The area is ideal for fly-fishing, sea kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking and bird watching.

The historic main farmhouse at Reñihué has also been restored, keeping to the local Chilote style with recycled materials whenever possible. In addition, the farm includes a bunkhouse, employee housing, machinery sheds, and storehouses.

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