Fundo Los Leones

411 hectares/1016 acres; acquired in 1996
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Aysén Region, Chile
Sold in 2005

Fundo Los Leones sits in a prime location near the village of Raul Marín Balmaceda, in the northernmost part of the Aysén Region. Nestled between rivers and ocean, this beautiful sea ranch is essentially an island, featuring abundant shorebirds and healthy forests. When it was purchased in 1996, the farm was quite run-down, but it has since been restored to productivity, and sold to an American buyer.

The ranch is watched over by a caretaker family living in the main house. A set of small cottages overlooking the Pitipalena Bay provides an ideal place for guests. It is ideally located for sailing, fishing, or as a jumping off place for a visit to the spectacular Corcovado National Park just to the north or for navigating up the Palena River that empties into the ocean just behind the farm.

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