Fundo La Confluencia

455 hectares/1124 acres; acquired in 2000
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Lakes Region, Chile
Sold to Agrícola Futaleufú Limitada in 2007

Fundo La Confluencia is so named due to its location at the confluence of the Futaleufú and Espolón rivers. The fertile riverside soils at La Confluencia were badly overgrazed and degraded by previous owners. After buying this property in partnership with the Weeden family, we restored the farmland to health and productivity, supporting a diverse mixture of farm activities including cherries, raspberries, strawberries, sheep grazing, honey production, and an organic vegetable garden.

La Confluencia is located on a prime property near the mountain village of Futaleufú, close to the Argentine border in Chilean Patagonia. The adjacent Futaleufú river is famous for whitewater rafting and kayaking. The farm was sold in 2007, and is still being carefully managed today.

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