Estancia Iberá

48,656 acres/19,691 hectares, acquired in 200o
Project of The Conservation Land Trust/Argentina
Corrientes Province, Argentina

Estancia Iberá is a fully remodeled, restored cattle ranch in the Iberá wetland. While we have dedicated some properties purchased in this area to pure conservation, this ranch has become a test case for sustainable ranching in the region. After purchasing this largely abandoned property in 2000, we set to work erecting ninety miles of new fences, seventy-five new gates, and several new corrals. We installed windmills for cattle watering systems and renovated employee housing.

This property contained some vital wildlife habitat: we took 10,000 of the most biologically productive acres out of production to dedicate to wildlife. We leased the rest of the land, appropriate for grazing cattle, to a cattle company grazing 6500 head of cattle using organic standards and low stocking rates. Eventually, this ranch may be incorporated into the Iberá reserve, or a future park.

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