Fundo Hornopirén

855 acres/346 hectares; acquired 2000–2002
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Lakes Region, Chile

Hornopirén farm, lying just outside the village of Hornopirén in the Province of Palena, Chile, is home to 854 acres of mountains, forests, pastures and rivers.

When the property was acquired in 2000-2002, this area was a textbook for bad management practices, bearing the scars of poor aquaculture, forestry and agricultural practices, as well as illegal dumping and timber processing. After a decade of restoration work, Hornopirén has been transformed into a healthy and beautiful farm once again. Today, the farm features sheep grazing on the restored pastures, a greenhouse and compost garden, and organic berry and honey production. Farm infrastructure includes a regional-style house with a management office, sheep sheds, and work storehouses.

Situated less than six miles from Hornopirén National Park, Fundo Hornopirén is a great location for outdoor recreation, and also serves as important habitat for a variety of rare wildlife species such as the pudu and guina. Much of this property is composed of intact temperate rainforest that harbor hundreds of animal species.

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