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Estancia El Tránsito

32,308 acres/13,080 hectares; acquired in 2002
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Corrientes Province, Argentina

Stretching across 50,000 acres of grasslands and wetlands in the Corrientes Province of Argentina, Estancia El Tránsito has been a keystone for conservation and ranch restoration in the area. Originally established in 1921, the once-venerable El Tránsito had fallen into disrepair, and the Perez-Companc Forestal company planned to turn the ranch into an industrial monoculture pine plantation. Saving the land from this fate meant buying the entire forestry company—a massive acquisition of 272,000 acres in multiple properties.

Rebuilding El Tránsito required extensive restoration work. Non-native trees and plants were removed from the landscape, and the pastures were restored to health. New corrals and gaucho stations were built, and more than sixty miles of new fencing were constructed to keep the cattle herds out of the marshlands. The ranch headquarters underwent significant renovation as well, and a new quincho, for the traditional asados (celebratory barbecue feast), was built to provide a gathering-place for residents.

Today, the ranch supports 6,500 cows and calves living alongside the abundant wildlife of the area. More than 10,000 acres have been taken out of livestock production to be managed strictly as an ecological reserve. This allows the property to act as a buffer zone to help preserve the adjacent biodiverse Iberá marshlands.

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