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Estancia Aña Cuá





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Estancia Aña Cuá

24,157 acres/9,780 hectares; acquired in 2002
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Corrientes Province, Argentina
Property sold in 2010

Bordering the vast Iberá wetland in Argentina’s Corrientes province, Estancia Aña Cuá was destined to be converted into a non-native pine plantation until its purchase in 2002. Virtually abandoned for over a decade, the infrastructure at Aña Cuá was crumbling. Buildings and corrals were dilapidated, and the fields had succumbed to invasive species, precipitating a mass invasion of ants. Even the cows were in bad shape, a rag-tag herd overgrazing the tired grasslands.

Due to the high quality red soil underlying the ranch, rehabilitation work was largely successful. Restored pastures are now home to a bull-rearing program which is working to improve the genetic stock of cattle in the region. The ranch’s infrastructure has been rebuilt, featuring new corrals aid the local gauchos in caring for the herd, and a new headquarters built from recycled local materials.

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