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Campo Alto Feliciano

5,790 acres/2,343 hectares; acquired in 2007
Project of Kris and Doug Tompkins
Entre Ríos Province, Argentina
Property sold in 2011

Located in Argentina’s Entre Ríos Province, Campo Alto Feliciano produces grains and raises livestock. The farm underwent a transformation from a run-down, industrially-managed farm, into a rich and diverse center of organic production. Part of the restoration effort included rebuilding farm infrastructure, such as machinery sheds, barns, and employee housing. Poor farming practices had allowed erosion to strip away much of the farm’s rich top soil, so erosion control systems were put in place. Lower stocking rates and more sophisticated grazing regimes are ensuring the maintenance of healthy grasslands. After seeing this transition through to completion, we sold this farm to pursue other agricultural restoration projects.

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