El Amarillo Beautification

The Pumalín Project is collaborating with the village of El Amarillo, a small gateway town at the southern entrance of Pumalín Park, to beautify the community, develop visitor infrastructure, and stimulate a small-scale tourist economy. El Amarillo’s location—roughly fifteen miles south of Chaitén on the Carretera Austral, near the hot springs of El Amarillo, and neighboring Pumalín Park—makes it an ideal place to develop amenities for visitors.

Since the 2008 eruption of the Chaitén Volcano shut down the nearby town of Chaitén where a park welcome center and administrative office had been located, the modest park infrastructure at El Amarillo is being upgraded to assume those functions. With stunning views of the Michimahuida Volcano and Tabiques Mountains, the village is perfectly suited to benefit economically from its scenic location at the edge of Pumalín Park.

The community of El Amarillo is working with the Pumalín Project to launch a variety of village renewal efforts, carefully balancing the ongoing needs of the local community with the potential for increased visitor traffic. This multi-dimensional initiative includes constructing new amenities such as a supermarket and gas station, enhancing public use areas, and working to beautify the landscape, including private homes—all with voluntary participation by members of the community. Almost every family in town has agreed to collaborate with the Pumalín team of landscape architects, designers, and builders. The team speaks with each family individually about their vision for their property and for the town at large, creating a set of common goals and a sense of shared purpose. The Pumalín crew repaints houses, gives facelifts to building facades, rebuilds fences, and plants trees and flowers, asking that families help perpetuate the order and beauty they create. In the end, the goal of the El Amarillo team is to develop a greater sense of pride-of-place, making the community a beloved place for locals and visitors alike.

Here you can see a before and after examples of the beautification work in El Amarillo:

Read an update on progress in the El Amarillo Beautification project here, or an interview with project leader Marcela Ojeda here.

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