The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco

Patagonia Park, Aysén Region, Chile

Inspired by iconic national park lodges from around the world, the Lodge at Valle Chacabuco’s detailed woodwork and original photography of local culture and nature provide a uniquely Patagonian experience. The central living and dining room are the ideal setting for resting after a day of travel, hiking, or exploration. Drink regional wine at the living room bar and enjoy views of looming Mount Tamanguito to the south through expansive paned windows. Nestle into overstuffed sofas, lounge by the fire, or venture to the patio by night to view an endless spread of stars.

The Lodge’s respect for the land and commitment to the environment is central to the guest experience. Complementing its surroundings, the Lodge is built from stone quarried in the Chacabuco Valley. Its high beams and floors come from recycled and refurbished wood, and its lush grounds welcome frequent and personal wildlife encounters. We make a concerted effort to use mostly organic and biodegradable cleaning products. The park is moving toward a 100% renewable energy system, which will make it the first energy-independent park in the world.

The Lodge is available for weddings, conferences, and other private events. The Lodge is open from October 1 through April 30. We are CLOSED from May through September.

Booking and Reservations: Please email

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Caleta Gonzalo Cabañas

Pumalín Park, Palena Region, Chile

The cabañas at Caleta Gonzalo, the main entrance to the park, sit on the edge of the Renihúe Fjord and line the beautiful rocky beach. The cabañas are rustic but luxurious and are located next to the café, information center, organic gardens and multiple hiking trails. The cabañas are cozy but elegant, and fit between two and five people. Each cabaña is unique, with expansive windows and cozy lofts offering views of the fjord and surrounding mountains.

Stay for one night on your drive north or south, or use it as a basecamp as you explore Pumalín Park’s many hikes. The cabañas are the only sheltered accommodations within the park. Seven campgrounds are located throughout the park, and the next closest hotels are located in the town of Chaitén, 60 km south of Caleta Gonzalo. Due to limited space the cabañas book up quickly, so we suggest booking well in advance.

Booking and Reservations: Please email

Hostería Rincón del Socorro

Iberá Park, Corrientes Province, Argentina

Hostería Rincón del Soccorro is located in the heart of Iberá Park, a 74,130-acre nature reserve created in 2001 by The Conservation Land Trust (CLT). CLT’s objectives were both simple and ambitious: to create Argentina’s largest nature park, restore locally extirpated wildlife species, and promote an economy based on ecotourism. In order to accomplish this, Doug Tompkins and his team restored and expanded the historic buildings of the ranch, removed all cattle from the reserve along with hundreds of miles of fencing, and initiated the largest rewilding program in the Americas. Already giant anteaters, pampas deer, tapirs, and collared peccaries have been released.

The founders of the ranch built the house in 1896, and until this day the building keeps its classic Spanish style, completed by large verandas that cool the rooms in the heated days. Each room comes with an assortment of books to look through and hand-made wooden furniture that perfectly fits all corners of the accommodations. Local wildlife roams through the gardens, making it common to come across a capybara, or a family of rheas or foxes.

Being a guest in Rincón del Socorro is a way of being a part of the ambitious project that CLT has proposed. We welcome you to visit and be a part of the creation of Argentina’s newest national reserve.

Booking and Reservations: Please email or call +54.11.5272.0343.


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