Preserving natural areas for wildlife habitat is the most direct tool we use to achieve our overarching goal of protecting biodiversity. But land conservation alone can’t assure the continued health of ecosystems: activism is crucial, and we have engaged in a variety of environmental campaigns against pressing threats to the places we love and work.

Our activism is deeply rooted in the belief that wild places and creatures have intrinsic value, and that fundamental, systemic restructuring of society is needed. Over the years we have taken part in—and helped to lead—a variety of campaigns throughout Patagonia, including battling the megadams of HydroAysén, and taking on the devastating pollution and habitat disruption caused by widespread salmon aquaculture. In these fights and many others that we support, the goal is to defend the natural world against the forces of development and exploitation that diminish wildness, threaten the long-term health of human communities, and push wildlife toward extinction.

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