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Argentine Farms & Ranches

The mantra of “conservation as a consequence of production” has guided our work to restore and return productivity to a number of farms and estancias in Argentina. Both through The Conservation Land Trust and on our personal farms, our teams implement diverse, organic farming practices that do not degrade, and help return wildness to the agricultural landscape.

We first began working on Argentine farms and estancias in 2002, when we (Doug and Kris personally) purchased nearly 275,000 acres of failing agricultural land in the Province of Corrientes. This large bundle of properties was acquired from the Perez-Compane company, which planned to convert the land into vast industrial tree farms. Some of the land was later sold, but the most promising properties were retained and restored, and have now become some of the highest-quality estancias in the region.

In the Entre Ríos Province, our team is converting a small collection of farms from conventional, industrial-style agriculture to organic polyculture. Organic grain production is intermixed with fruit, nut, and olive orchards, honey production, aromatic and medicinal plants, and herds of both cattle and sheep. The diversity on these farms is a welcome departure from the highly problematic industrial monocultures that dominate the landscape. The polyculture style of farming featured on these farms demonstrates how sound management practices and a diversity of production can lead to healthier soils and better food.

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