The late Ed Abbey said, “Sentiment without action is the ruin of the soul.” We agree. Action takes many forms, from conserving threatened landscapes to educating the next generation of environmentalists. When shortsighted and selfish industrial activities—essentially, bad development—threaten to undermine our conservation initiatives, we feel compelled to stand up and fight back.

In Chile and Argentina, we work as activists to advance our ecophilosophy and defend our projects against thoughtless roadbuilding, river damming, industrial aquaculture, illegal logging, destructive terraplanes, and more. Attacks from over-developers and ultra-nationalists have drawn us into the activist circle; we do not look to pick fights, but activism is in our DNA as we oppose the constant onslaught of heedless development. We support many local and national activist NGOs, and work to build capacity in these groups.

The combination of legal action and citizen pressure has won many campaigns, protecting conservation gains for generations to come. Unlike many land trusts, we join campaigns to protect the places we love and support leading-edge activism to protect wild places and creatures, and oppose economic globalization and mega-technologies that are accelerating the global eco-social crisis.

Educating activists strengthens both specific campaigns and the environmental movement as a whole, building the intellectual infrastructure for ecological change. For that reason, we publish books that synthesize and present the facts of key campaigns. We engage directly in conservation campaigns and support leading groups and activists in others. Although speaking up always generates controversy, we believe in sparking these necessary dialogues around the future of our natural resources.


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